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Dr. Suhail Sarwar. Best eye hospital specialist cataract surgeon in Lahore.

The proficient best eye-specialist in Lahore

Prof. Dr. Suhail Sarwar, an eminent cataract surgeon in Lahore and he is a famous eye specialist in Lahore because of his notable contributions to ophthalmic research. Now you people don’t need to go to all paranoia for getting your eye check-up done because we have found the best eye hospital in Lahore. This clinic assures that you get a top-quality treatment by providing you with the best eye doctor in Lahore.

It is not always that you get to come across such a remarkable eye doctor in Lahore on everyday grounds. People should be aware of the ocular emergencies that can occur anytime requiring special attention. Hence, to raise your concerns we offer you the best possible supervision provided in this eye clinic Lahore. A full-time experience that you will cherish forever. Your health and wellbeing is of top priority and any sort of compromise is not acceptable at our end, and for that, we make sure to impart you with outclass medical attention. Because, your visit at this eye hospital Lahore is all kind of satisfying and relishing. So, don’t waste your time! go get on your feet and visit the eye- clinic, to get treated by the finest eye doctor Lahore. Moreover, will make sure that you remain in your best working condition forever, because being supervised by this remarkable eye specialist Lahore is a prime opportunity that you would not like to waste about.

Facilities Available At Suhail's Oculab

Eye Examination

Eye Examination

Autoref | Velorum Visual Acuity System I Slitlamp examination | Airpuff Tonometer | Farnsworth D15 color hue test for color blindness | Orthoptic Assesment | Schirmer Test for dry eyes etc.

Eye Diagnostics

Eye Diagnostics

UW-FFA | UW-ICGA | FFA | DFA | FA | B-scan | UBM Ultrabiomicroscopy, B-scan for anterior segment | Vitreoscan, B-scan for vitreous | Biometry, (Ultrasound, Immersion) | Pachymetry | Corneal topography | Lees test | Automated Perimetry | OCT (Swept Source) | Anterior segment OCT | Angio-OCT | Specular Microscopy.

Eye Surgery

Eye Surgery

Cataract Surgery, Phaco with foldable multifocal IOL | Refractive Surgery for removal of glasses | Laser for diabetic patients | Laser for Keratoconus | Vitrectomy for blood in the eyes | Injections for age related macular degeneration | Glaucoma Laser Surgery.

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